95-200 Pabianice, ul.Konstantynowska 63 tel. +48 42 215 32 66, kom. +48 602 62 52 86, email: alda@epic.pl
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Alda ...

... is family owned company which dates back to 1991. Basic subject of our work was machine-made knitting. We own warp and cylindrical crochet -hook machines. At first we were producing technical knitwear which found application in production of car seat covers and knitwear used to be coat and to be glued. Presently we also produce knitwear for sport ready -to-wear clothes and highly advanced technologically bioactive and breathing knitwear.  

We have certificates...

on trademarks from German company Trevira (sportswear production) and Italian company Nylstar on products from fibre such as Meryl and Meryl Skinlife (fitness underwear and sport underwear). We possess a permission to use the LYCRA and the TACTEL trademark. Our long – term experience caused that our products are very good as regards quality and durability what is appreciated among our customers.We have wide range of colours and patterns.

We are improving our products all the time due to satisfaction of our customers.